Sam the Deaf

Deaf vs Spicy Food

Food, Holy Smoke!

This vlog was take at Chunky’s in San Antonio where Adam Richman on Man v Food (my one of favorite TV programmer) ate there. I took a RISK to eat the most spiciest burger on my Labor weekend. To see subtitle, turn Annotations ON.

Chunky's in San Antonio Chunky's menus - see 4 Horsemen Burger Beware 4 Horsemen Burger Me FAILED
I FAILED and I had to pay the price which cost 17 dollars. No shirt for me, if I won, I would.

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  • wild4surfing

    I wanna try it. I love Jalapenos and eat them all the time. I wonder if I could handle that burger lol

  • nesmuth

    If you had some limes with you you’d weaken the spice bite. The acidity from the limes would snuff most of the spice out. Where’s that place at? I wanna go there!

  • Bawhahahahaha…

    Now I want to try it!


    Can’t scoff it down fast enough to bypass the spiciness?

  • deafscribbler

    No you didn’t have to pay the price for the burger– I did LOL but it was totally worth it to see you in lava pain…

  • deafscribbler

    Nesmuth- one of the rules was no remedies for the spicy food. All you had was the burger and whatever cola or water you had. No milk or other stuff to help block the fire.

  • nameless reader

    you failed! Now you must try 2x next time you go.

  • Deb

    That was really hilarious – it gave me heartburn just watching it. I love the waiver part – very funny. Who filmed it?

  • Wow! Sheesh… you did better that I would. >_.< The pain!!!