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iPod Classic and Nano with Closed Caption

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If you’re think about get iPod Classic or Nano instead iPod Touch or iPhone. But you’re not sure about closed caption (CC) support. I’m show the proof that both lately iPod model that does support CC and does appear on the display. Text size is somewhere small but fair to read. Let saying it’s not too bad for anyone with good visual. It’s not only for deaf but for hearing, which is ideal, to watch in the noise level area.

Take note, the movie with closed caption is available from iTunes with Power Search. So far, I checked there is 94 movies with CC on list. I brought Italian Job (1969) that support CC that can be view on iTunes or iPod the lately model.

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  • the highlander

    Sweet. Now I start like to buy nano when I have money.

  • ** Two Thumbs Up **

  • Laura

    Finally! I will get me one soon!!

  • Nice but at least you did something to show the deaf people to know that iPod have limited of movies with closed caption for now. And give it a time for awhile or so. So, bravo!

  • Sarah J

    Great stuff!!!! I never knew about this feature and I have 1 LOL!! Thank YOU!!!

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