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This was a question for an Usher Syndrome Support Group. But I’m sharing this as an FYI for you.

A question:

Yesterday, I went to SMU track to do a photo shoot. I was a track & cross-country runner in high school. After not having run on a track since college, I believe, (and I’m now 37) I discovered that it was almost impossible to run on the track. Very difficult to stay within a lane, between two lines. And scary.

This goes along with my previous discovery. The last time I ran with a friend. I was no longer able to follow her.

Any one of you have had this similar experience? Unable to keep your eyes on an object: for example, the lines on a track & a person in front of you?

One more example: running on the track was so difficult that we decided to try running (with longer strides) on a football field in a city park. Still difficult. Couldn’t keep my eyes on the goal post on the other end of the field. Scary.

Looks like the object, on which I set my eyes, disappears as it goes through my enlarging blind spots as I run (bouncing- moving upward & downward). Also, looks like I struggle more with perception- the distance between me and the object in front of me.

Losing the object and having tricky perception explain why it is difficult & scary. I kept stopping running (to refocus), fearing that, for example, I’d hit the goal post or going too far and into the parking lot beyond the field.

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