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Obama’s sign language is NOT awesome!

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Appear that people are take big deal on Obama’s simple and easy sign language in “Thank you”. I don’t really feel big impressive about it. I had experience meet several celebrities and they appear to be too common by saying “Thank you”, nothing else is special. Heck, my niece/nephew can do that easy one and so cute.

I would be “WOW” if they sign as “Hey, I’m glad you enjoy my show!” I was most impressive with the president of Collin College at Plano, TX in 2002. He gave me the more than a sentence in way to say congratulations on my graduate as I receive my degree. I won’t forget about it, in front of hundreds people in audition.

Anyway, when I commented on the artlice about Obama and the sign language, by saying that I thought Obama’s sign language appear to be awkward. Yet, I receive few comments that I thought of reply to them. Sorry, if I sound like asshole. 🙂

You know what? I’ll vote Obama if he can do more than a sentence in sign language. Serious….

Bonus! I tried teaching Laura Vandervoort, knowing as Supergirl from Smallville 3 years ago. Okay, it’s not best sign language but hey, it was fun and she was…is awesome and so willing. No wonder, she is super!

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