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Netflix with Subtitle! (Finally)

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I’m sure everybody been rants that Netflix never offer Closed Caption (CC) on streaming That would waste our time to wait up to 3 days via snail mail. Sure, we want to be equal as other people where we can watch instantly.

However, when I hear the news about Netflix app is available for video consoles: Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 3 (PS3). Rumor been told there have subtitle. I hardly believe that. So, I decide to see in my own eyes. Lucky, as the Netflix account holder, I able to make the access to see what’s like. I have been play around with several. I find it very simple setting.

After download to my friend’s PS3, I’m shocked, that is CONFIRM there is subtitle optional. So, is Wii, too!

BUT…. there are very limited like concept as iTunes that you would have difficult to find movies that offer subtitle. At least, that’s start!

I still have to complain on both PS3 and Wii version as I compare. PS3 have excellent size of subtitle but poor outline that make difficult to read where the bright area motion/object are. For Wii, text with drop-shadow make incredible to read-able. But the size is narrow small. It’s more like I want to sit closer to my HDTV until I’m blind. Oh!

UPDATE: I start to puzzle about Mac and PC if they’re also available. I check it out. Yep! See this!

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  • Eviltwinswife

    I am a hearing person, but I do enjoy subtitles or CC on some movies – particularly where the actors have very thick accents. Sometimes, we go back to the beginning of a movie and turn on the CC. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have been know that some people like you who enjoy subtitle/CC and make part of game if they find typo. Not only this, they want to focus when there is noise background.

  • Anonymous

    Call me dumb. How that work?

  • really

  • Tato

    When will substitles be available for Roku?