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Turn your Sorenson VP into wireless

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I notice that most common videophone (VP) equipment being local next to router and modem. Few are willing to place VP for private conference such as in bedroom with wire (Cat5) around on floor. It makes thing look pretty ugly (messy). I asked, years ago, with several Sorenson staffs about if it’s possible to turn the videophone until wireless. The response were “No”, “Yes”, and “I don’t know, let me ask other technician”.

Well… Few weeks ago, I decided I want to set the videophone in bedroom for private conference. I found the answer through google that someone who claims he able to set his video with wireless gaming adapter. However, it been told that it can slow down. I believe that product that person have one may not good one. Or that person live in the big house that speed can havoc the speed. Make a research on gaming adapter device over online, I found and decide to get Linksys Wireless Gaming Adapter G (WGA54G). The review from vary website that show it’s good. Of course, it’s very popular for video game system such as Xbox. Of course, it never mention the ideal for video conference.

The step, I set up while I already have MY OWN WIRELESS ROUTER
1. Add WEP or MAC address to allow connect WGA54G from the computer
2. Plug wireless gaming Adapter with Cat5 to videophone
3. Crossing finger for few second

Start with called Sorenson Video Relay Service (SVRS) as test; it appears the video running smooth without lag. Impressive… So, I decide to try calling my friend in videophone with long-term conversation. There is no lag, too. I must say I’m glad it works great.
NOTE: I haven’t change anything on VP-200’s setting

• Wireless up to 100 feet CHECK
• Allow make incoming and outcoming call CHECK
• Free-lag within hour CHECK
• Private and alone in room 🙂 CHECK

NOTE: If you live big home, you would want either to have 802.11n wireless equipment or antenna boost for 802.11g. It’s bit expensive. Network security is important to protect your Internet from have someone steal it. Oh yeah, you also can set gaming adapter with VPAD for room to use. (not carry around)

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  • Peachlady

    You are so bright!

    Where do you get WEP or MAC address?

    My router is broken and plan to buy one soon!

  • Been Done Before

    It has been done for awhile which I had the same setup you had. . Just didnt want to tell people about this 🙂

  • Peachlady @ Sorry for not give full explain, my bad. On WEP or MAC address, once you get wireless router and gaming adapter, the instruct manual tend to show how to security that use either WEP or MAC addresss.

    WEP is like password to access in. MAC address is identify the device that makes wireless router give permission to connect.

    Been Done Before @ Shame on you!!! You should told me about it. Haha.

  • Plato

    For users of wireless ‘N’ networks, Linksys WGA600N ‘Dual Baud Wireless Gaming Adaptor’ will do fine here.

  • Agree….

    Well, I have the VP200 on wireless since last year. It worked great! No lag time.

    Also, a friend with vp200 using powerline connection works like an angel.

  • CalifRose

    Well… I use belkin wireless and so far it is no problem. I hope that soreson will invest the VP wireless so anyone can use VP wireless that can hook up TV in any rooms where you wish to use.

  • It’s nice to know there are some who manage to setup videophone with wireless adapter. 🙂


    just got a vp 200. how do i get to get this wireless system ?

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  • ryan4osu

    It great to hear this is possible. I’ve been searching the web for a long time to find someone who has had success with this.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to use this at a wifi hotspot. Most of the wifi hotspots in my area make you sign/click on an agreement before you are allowed to use their network.

  • Kelly

    HI I have to use specific wireless to use for VP wirless ? I have Dlink Dir 615 Wirless router N will it work with it ? as long i add gaming adapter on Sorenson VP 200?