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Cowboys Stadium Video Screen needs Closed Caption

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Cowboys Stadium, photo by Chunk'd from
Watch Cowboys in new home, Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX is most awesome experience for anyone to go in there. It’s largest domed that fill over 100,000 people to fill. Why, there is monster video screen display hang up in the middle of air to make much easy for everybody to watch than rather have one on end zone up there.

From history, I may not see any other football stadium come with the display in the middle up there. It’s always on end zone. If you’re on the seat behind the display, good luck, you have to turn around and look up there. If anyone have seat that is far away from the scoreboard and video. It’s narrow clearly to see. Probably need a binocular, if you’re luck to bring one with you.

However, Heather brought me the attention that monster video screen is need a Closed Caption (CC). Everything that stadium is offer to fan but no CC. Who has forget about one in Ohio that been demand by several deaf to have CC on video screen? If it they have one, and it would be the luxury to watch in the stadium.

Why do we need CC on the video screen? Because we cannot hear what the announcer saying and during the incredible noise level, that some people without sharp hearing wouldn’t understand clearly.

NOTE: If you attend the Cowboys games and want the calls/plays to be captioned then you need to call (817) 892-4161 to express your concerns but do so NICELY and POLITELY!

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  • J.J.

    Jerry Jones is gonna love this……

  • Deaf Anonymous

    Yes or No. Did anyone contact the Cowboys organization to ensure this kind of accessibility?
    This organization should provide this without any questions asked. This is insubordination as is commonplace throughout the country. After all this T.O. doesn’t look stupidly ignorant.

  • Yeah, I’ve contacted City of Arlington Disability Office (my friend work there) regarding CC at Cowboys Stadium. They hired outside expert in ADA to make sure everything under law — but it doesn’t say anything about CC. I will let you know as soon as I find out.


  • Deaf Anonymous

    Clarification: Did you contact the organization -prior- to the first game? If yes, when?


    YES the games should be captioned
    Hey if they can show the score of the game/games on the screen then they should caption the screen

    or they could hire interpreters LOL LOL LOL

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