Issues with local number from VP200 to ZVRS (and Purple, too)

I use ZVRS Z4 app for my iPod Touch (4th-gen model) to make call to anybody with Video Relay Service (VRS) or point-to-point. I like to have both VRS and personal leave message in video, which is cool. Even I get my own Local Number, it make a real deal.

For quite time, I start to concern on how people are start to call me. There is a major problem with Sorenson compatible with different video relay service. It’s about the how the caller ID appears toward Sorenson VP200.

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Something funny about “PurpleDead”

Thought I want to tell something when I receive news about Purple being bust by Federal. It seem that unknown author who spread the news on that weblog called “PurpleDead“. That person sound like being glad about it. Probably, he or she is such an angry person as I think of. Anyway, I look up on something that I feel something is funny going on.

  1. Name of Weblog is “PurpleDead”, I think that’s immature and pointless.
  2. That weblog have only one and probably will never again.
  3. Their profile doesn’t reveal, probably work for Sorenson, hard-cord fan of SVRS, etc.
  4. The source given by Biz.Yahoo have no actual reference or original on whom report. (okay, maybe I don’t know that part)
  5. The only true I know about Purple, they’re not bankrupt. Not yet, because there is no confirm at moment.

Don’t be jumpy until we have the actual fact information about Purple. Don’t be sorry for them, just do whatever you like their service or not. I only like them because I was able to use on my MacBook to use VRS with iChat.

Southwest Airline offer videophone as customer svc

I never thought I would ever seen the videophone to use as customer service than rather use yourself to VRS to company’s custom service, that ought speed up on your solution or whatever you look for.

Thank ddseattlewa!

Sprint and Southwest Airlines have joined forces to offer toll-free TTY (teletypewriter) and video relay access, giving deaf and hard-of-hearing customers direct access to Southwest Airlines customer service

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Customers can access a Southwest Airlines Customer Service agent by calling the Southwest Airlines TTY toll-free number: 800-533-1305 or go to SWAVRS.TV for video access. These numbers are also posted on the Southwest Airlines website at