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Getting Lite DS? Ummm…No.

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get_dsI have thought about get Lite DS after my phat DS broke. Some have been encourage me to get one right away. My answer is NO as I made my mind that I would like to wait and see what happen if there is new re-design model come up since I read some weblog that been rumor about thinner portable. It may be better for me to wait. Hey, my phat DS is, at least, live to let me play.

For last thought, I went and google to find about redesign DS. There is news about the analyst who believe that Nintendo have drop a little hint about redesign DS. As I learn that there may be no GBA (GameBoy Advance) port but pure DS game to play. My thought about it, it’s little disappointment but it’s understandable since it make sense that it necessary to be more thinner if without GBA. It would be much cooler like iPhone.

Speak of iPhone. I saw a day ago on that post the mock-up DS model, it does look like two iPhones put together to make DS. First, I thought its so niiiice when it comes with 16:9 instead 4:3. Awesome. Maybe I should buy two PSP and turn into DS. And it would call DSPS! Ta-da! Naw, it’s too much for my blood to spend.

By the way, the latest game I brought for DS is Fire Emblem 8 (GBA version). The next game, I may get Drone Tactile (DS version) which is like Advance War Dual Strike.

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  • Nintendo DS continues to be popular with numbers of units sold in globally, and Nintendo have no problem with this – this company still making money.

    I don’t think we will see 3rd version of DS redesigned this year until 2009 or 2010 whenever DS Lite lose popularity or head-to-head the new handheld (Microsoft, anyone?)

    Trust my word, the 3rd version of DS will not release this year, 2008.

  • Daveynin, I don’t mind by wait until 2010. At least, I save my money since I brought new laptop. ahh.

  • Lisa C.

    I forgot to mention in my previous comment in your older blog that I had found out that the next DS like a 3rd verson would not include the GBA port. With original DS you could slide the GBA game on the way into the port and with DS Lite, you could slide it into the port just half way. I’m glad I bought a new DS Lite even my original DS is still good so I can sit back and relax. I will wait for a year after the 3rd version are released.

  • deafscribbler

    Did you draw that illustration on DS pictochat? heh

  • deafscribbler

    And ironic that you decide to wait for potential no GBA port DS version, but the last game you bought for your DS is a GBA game! But yeah I suppose in the future there will be less reason to play GBA games because more DS games will be available and better than GBA.

    Who knows? by the time the new DS comes out, (if it is like 2010, hello Roy Schneider!), Wii will start having GBA games available on Wii channels, like they are releasing NES and SuperNES games. That way good GBA games will be available. Who knows?

  • You may not borrow my DS Lite even if we are the roommmates at all! Mwahahahaha! Just kidding! 😉 However, you may ask for borrowing my DS Lite as long as you keep recharing my DS Lite once in every awhile.