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Rental movie on YouTube with Closed Caption?

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I learn that Hollywood are discussing with YouTube (Google, too) on have a movie to rental and stream at online. They would charge us for 3 dollars per movie to watch. I wish I knew when it would be ready. Hey, it probably would be better than Netflix stream.

Why? Since YouTube already have one wonderful feature: Closed Caption (CC). I have big hope that they would have CC available on most movies. It should be easy to insert the CC track in there as you seen the basic tutor that show before.

If that does happen, it would make Netflix, possible, force to bring the CC to be available for everybody. Oh, there would be happy war in business.


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  • MM

    I think the novelty in google and you tube is that it is free. I’m dubious if they start charging people, they will pay for it. What makes it any different from other sites that sell you films you can download ? they will subtitle it then ? a number still don’t.