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Family House: Hearing v Deaf

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Being Deaf, it’s sometime being sucks that we have to pay pretty much than hearing does on the several important devices to be aware around at home. I had set the estimate on house with 2 bedrooms. The best as possible as I found the cheap from accessible store online such as Harris Communication that would give us the best assure on cost.

Chart compare hearing and deaf in family house

Notice, the telephone signaler doesn’t require for hearing because every audio ringer has already include much range around in the house. It’s unfair that we had to get the flashing, which doesn’t effect so well in large range but small. It gives the difficult with videophone or telephone with TTY that we may not answer the incoming call on time than hearing does. Since it appear only 1 to 2 room, depend how strong the flashing is and where you set the signaler at. The more you add the receiver, the more you spend cost on where you want to be seen.

COST is the issues because of the small attendant on deaf market compare to hundreds million hearing in our region. Why is that so high cost? Because of the unit is very low. Simple saying the higher unit, the each will be much cheaper. Several companies that are involved in accessible are try their best… Or not. There is only two thing we’re ALREADY relief from spend on closed caption (CC) decoder and TTY/videophone that been done in some decade years ago. Every CC is including on every television equal as hearing. TTY is being paid by most states through voucher program. Videophone is free by the FCC and other… whatever it is.

Sure, to have dog could assist a hearing for you but it comes with price by take care of pet and time of train. It cannot be always flawless system. I have recall that Oklahoma does provide the full-paid basic products to meet for deaf. I do not know the other states, unless you would stand up and make the comment about where state and do they offer…

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  • wild4surfing

    sucks to be deaf

  • The highlander

    I bought fire detector few months ago and it’s work great for deaf.

    It cost only $20.

  • We only use mobile phone so pay nothing for phone signaller and I am pretty sure my doorbell system is cheaper too, although my husband did the work for it.

  • Lisa C.

    Nothing is cheap in the deaf world.

  • Everyone can find out what resources are available in their State at You can select your State on the left hand side and it will bring up a list of subjects. Click on Technology and all the resources for assistive technology and other types of assistance will be listed with a link to their websites.