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Follow Twitter imdeafHey, I have been use Twitter for over a month. I start to enjoy being involved in media social with everybody. It’s somewhere fun to follow them and someone follow mine.

However, when I thought of make search on deaf issues. And Yet, I find it mix with hearing. It could confuse if it’s about deaf or not. For example, someone shout so loud over someone’s head and he or she said, “wow, I’m going to be deaf!” It doesn’t mean he they’re alike as us.

That’s path where we’re supposed to find on our own identify and our culture to share each other. Spread it all over the world. So, I felt that I suggest that we create our own keywords that can find our thing. I announce that we need to say “#imdeaf” every time you tweet it when you mean it for deaf. I use that keywords “#imdeaf”, is obviously as “I’m deaf”

For example…

OMG, I met hot actress and tried teach her some ASL #imdeaf

It will catch our eyes and see where we want to read or view. I offer to help and make better media social for deaf, our way. Feel free follow me at illustratorblog.

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