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Thought on The Orphan (film)

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Script (Not exactly as the video): Be warning, there is small spoil in the plot of movie. My thought about the movie called The Orphan. There is quiet big role of deaf perform which is involved with 5 years old daughter, hearing son and hearing parents who know well on the sign language. I realize it as America Sign Language. It looks like if the mother used to be teacher or interpreter for deaf. Yet, there is no confirm that been told. Maybe I miss that part.

Is that good? No, it’s so screw up. However I do like the concept on how is like when I see them as my family experience. Only one thing it bother me, nobody can learn basic ASL in overnight. It’s impossible. Hey, it’s only movie.

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  • Mar

    buaaaaahahahahaaha, you make me laugh!!! are you using your voice?? jajajaja, I will watch that movie!!!

  • Nothing to be ashamed of. I know a guy who is completely deaf with the same accent. It is rather a bit high-pitch. Just be yourself. 🙂

    I get made fun of because I have a European accent because my grandmother would speak low German to my mom, which caused her to get a weird accent with her English… which I copied from my mom.

    Thanks for sharing your insight on the movie. I need to see this movie for myself. Is it closed captioned/subtitled?

  • Stellar!

  • mom of 15

    I enjoyed your review. My puppy was sitting on my lap while I watched. He started barking at you and Dad heard your voice and came to see what was going on!

    You’re so right…it takes a long time to learn to sign. (For hearing people to learn to sign)

  • I watched your review twice…not so much to understand the movie, but just to watch your eloquent and fascinating signs. You express yourself extremely well and I can see you becoming an actor or a teacher or news commentator for us Deaf people. What are your plans for the future?

  • Gloria

    Hi Sam!! You are a funny guy!! I love your passion to support Deaf girl actor. I will try to see the movie, but I’m so scared to watch horror movies, because I will have bad dreams… haha but it’s true!!

  • Hare

    Sam, I watched the clip and you had me in stitches;I about died! Whew…I can’t breathe!

  • wild4surfing

    wow…. great video review on that movie. I wanna see it! You crack me up sooo bad!!! I needed a good laugh, thanks!

  • Melissa

    Now I’m already convinced by your review on the movie.

    Also, like other said above cracked me up!!

  • What you said about learning ASL overnight. I don’t think she learned it over night. without giving too much of the movie I think she already knew it if you know what I mean. I saw the movie, I liked it, freaked me the hell out! lol