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Bulb issues with deaf signaler

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Are you the environment and save electric at home with Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)? So, I do!

However, I see that here is the problem that the signaler equipments such as for door, bed alert, videophone. They don’t do that well with CFL bulb.

Please be aware, DO NOT use CFL for any flashing device. Not only they rapid age the bulb, they cause delays in flashing as well as limit the flash pattern options.

Strongly suggest to use regular Incandescent light bulb only.


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  • Yep… the whole CFL issue cost me an expensive lamp when I hooked it up to my alarm clock and other signaling devices. Turned out, when I called the manufacturers, that CFL doesn’t do well with dimmers, timers and so on.

    * cringes *

    Blue smoke! Blue smoke!