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Deaf’s Smart Guide: Know your Smartphone

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Don’t you love the smartphone that you can do something more than the simple text-message in old day? We do.

As you know I own Palm Pre as I thought it’s good as I mention my one of blog some time ago. However, I saw the chart that there show the guide on compare for smartphones with multi-touch that found from WIRED online.

I thought of that and I would like to point for deaf who interest to get awesome smartphone that make you rocks dude! So, here is estimate on how much cost we, Deaf would spend within 2 years contract.

Smartphone chart for deaf guide

*It’s only being estimate without tax, activate charge or coverage fee.

Source for Deaf Plan: at&t TAP for iPhone, Verizon Messaging Plan, Sprint Relay Plan, Google G1 without deaf plan

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  • The highlander

    Where is PAM, battery life, size of memory, WIFI built-in, etc.

  • mruggles67

    Many thanks as I was wondering about it.

  • Thank you so much for posting this. 🙂 I was researching SmartPhone. I am still unsure what would be the best for me though. I just know that iPhone and Blueberry Storm are out of the picture since I prefer tactile keyboards, not onscreen ones.