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Lorelle tried “podcast” with Deaf

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At WordCamp 2009 at Dallas, I brief meet Lorelle on early morning as she point at my shirt as she said something as I wore Seattle in bright orange. Either she loves that city or it could be where she comes from. With smile each other, we did.

Until I learn that she is really into Star Trek stuff. So wick! I’m certainly that my friend would love to meet her!

Anyway, on Sunday as the second day for WordCamp, there was just 4 of us that day on Sunday during our lunch beak time. We were join at the table to relax while eat.

Suddenly, that appear Lorelle seems interest to have interview with us. To be frankly, we may not feel comfortable to take it without our interpreters. Of course, they were on lunch break somewhere. Asked to doing it later with interpreter that way we could give the better without mistook of something. Just two of them are well ability of read-lip.

You know, read-lip is never being flawless. I understand that not everybody know it’s flawless. So, it seem we don’t see her come to us after break when the meeting come up until the end.

Moment ago, I start to learn from Twitter that it seem that Lorelle start to give an opinion toward attend about the issues with Deaf about a year ago. I find it very interesting. Check it out at Lorelle on WordPress

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  • HeatherBise3A

    She seems to really be concerned about the disabled population having access to blogging. I think that’s great. We need more people like her.