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Review: Palm pre

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DSC00968It takes a quite time to get Palm pre on my hand. During the difficult from Sprint Relay as they are suppose able to sell with Relay plan for deaf, but it was delay that been told by the reps saleperson who told that kind plan doesn’t compatible for Palm pre. Man, I have been wait for over a week.

Therefore, I’m able to get my Palm pre activate and play around for a quite time. After have little headache on get something I look for and doing this and this. It’s much different than I usually on other smartphone that running with Palm OS. It’s whole new level as it called WebOS, it’s not same as before. However, I find something surprise on so far what I seen. I’m give the basic on what Deaf would use on daily.

The keyboard is similar as Centro, my previous mobile phone, after I complain but patience and grows habit to typing influence. Now, on Palm pre, it felt bit big during the wide but not same as Treo. At first, it does feel awkward because it’s very slim instead being thick to hold while typing. I’m getting there in no time to typing fine. It’s better than typing on the screen – physical keyboard rules.

It’s so like ChatterEmail, which I don’t need to worry about pay more bucks to get an app to turn into pushy E-mail for Palm pre. Yes, I can use my own domain address with IMAP support and turn into pushy e-mail instead use the common (more like dull) E-mail such as Sprint’s or dull blackberry’s e-mail address. The set is pretty simple as I don’t need to input the IMAP and STMP. However, I find one minor problem that when I tried to send to someone. It acts being slow for no reason. Hope the bug being fix.

Text Message become nicer looking than the old one, that make you feel like you’re in chat room than rather see message individual. Because it would help you being aware what our conversation suppose be. I’ll take SMS more often than use E-mail. Interesting, there is AIM and Google Talk on setting, that mean you can use it as IM in SMS program. I test on AIM to IMing someone and it’s medium speed. I would say it’s accepted to use for Relay IM during fair speed on responded. MMS is also in there, it’s nice and simple to use.

MEMOS (use as notepad)
Use it as notepad to type something and show to the cashier to order something as example. It loading little quite time while in line as other people are whine for their stomach. Anyway, it’s unfortunately, I don’t see the size on font being change that I’m afraid anyone would have hard time to read without glasses. Hate it when it happens.

First, I thought it’s frickin weak. But I’m somewhere wrong and able to notice when someone send message to me. I can feel it while busy on my own mind. It’s more like 50-50, I would failed to aware of vibrate in my pocket. Oh, it shakes just once, my assure it’s during the small size, much thin than iPhone during the slide between keyboard and display. I would rather to have the vibrate shaking 3 times. But think about it, when you’re in desperate to contact someone, you’re usually – always on your hand and it either display on screen at bottom or vibrate anyway.

• Receive notification on display and vibrate
• Little improve QWERTY’s phsyical to typing
• Free GPS: Sprint Navigation
• Unlimited MMS to send picture or video to anyone
• Open PDF, DOC, EXL, etc.
• Camera with LED flashing – good picture
• Easy to switch Bluetooth/Wi-fi ON/OFF
• Web is similar as Safari (powered by WebKit)

• Drain battery so fast, not ideal for heavy user
• Limited video format to play
• Poor vibrate but you can notice somehow
• No Sync to backup to own computer

My thought, I saying I must be happy to have Palm pre than pain-in-ass with Centro. I love new GUI, it make more interesting to closed the program. Oh, I’m not recommend for someone who doesn’t like Gmail or don’t have own domain address during E-mail system. And don’t use IM too much, too. The grade, I’m give is 3 and half out of 5.

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    I have seen the iPhone and in my eyes its the best “mobile phone” with really fantastic apps on the screen. Nothing other reach such level to my mind

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