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The billboard in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Visited Puerto Rico in San Juan on the most terrible traffic. It was scary on highway. Otherwise, I had wonderful time in the island on food, vision and people. More like the most food, I’m crazy to try out.

However, on highway I spotted the billboard that I don’t see often. Well, not like one here in mainland US. I see Sprint Relay.


Billboard said “Si no oyes bien, llamanos”
TRANSLATE: “If you can’t hear me, call us”

I puzzled myself, that it’s not like every deaf would able to see the billboard in San Juan, there are only 2.5 million population, just 10 percent of them are deaf, hearing impaired or loss hearing would spot the only one in the place in San Juan nearly on beach.

Neverless, the day I attend to DeafNation, I got chance to meet the lady – Elizabeth in person. She make simple explain that it’s more than relay and wireless service. They do help whom don’t know about how to use communicate when they cannot afford such a luxury thing we have. You know, TTY – they don’t die. You can’t say that TTY is dead. They’re still alive and kick.

I must say I’m glad that TTY isn’t dead. Because it’s our thing for Deaf’s sake.

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  • bgmaron8

    well, in US, I think TTY is dead! I don’t have one because I gave it away.
    Video conference or VP is most popular tool for deaf people to use.
    so TTY is out. VP is in.

  • bgmaron8

    I have many deaf people with low low income use VP because they don’t have to pay phone line to use TTY.
    I cancelled Phone line because of VP and my cellphone I use. I see that My tty sat for 7 years and never use it then donate to the agency.
    VP cost much cheaper than landline phone . Long Distance on VP is free. landline phone is not.

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