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Palm Pre – eh…


I’m so excite when Palm Pre release at Sprint store last Saturday. I thought I would like to check it out and play around. I see is very nice as it could be iPhone with actual keyboard as if magic just arrives. Of course, you just slide down and see keyboard to typing. I find is comfortable to typing, just about same as Centro, I current own one.

pre_vibrateOh, I know that Sprint Relay plan to release specs for deaf to have a special package. I can’t wait when words come out.

Anyway, the touch-screen is like, again, iPhone when I look up on Google Maps – everything on features seem great! But…

The vibrate…. It’s too WEAK. There higher chance, I couldn’t notice the signal when someone send me the message. Terrible, isn’t it? I don’t think it’s no way I could feel from my pocket. Maybe I could hold the palm on my palm and await for someone send the text-message to me. Riiiight, it’s getting worst as Centro. How much I miss my Treo 700p, where it was perfect. I could able to notice the slow blink that tells me I have new text-message incoming and rapid flash as new e-mail.

Okay, enough… I don’t think I should get Palm Pre. I’m so disappointment. Otherwise, it would be so awesome to carry it with me. So, I’m wait and see what happen on 3rd-generation iPhone announcement from Apple Conference tomorrow at noon (CST) to make up my mind on new iPhone or Palm Pre. No promise!

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  • Lisa C.

    Great blog. I have been shopping for a new pager and have not decide which one I want.
    Good luck browsing.