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In future: Me think VP will have Ads

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Millions deaf have videophone. Is that cool or what? Someday when videophone, as I told early, would become the giant corporate like at&t to switch from telephone to videophone as new mainstream communicate at home.

Off subject, the advertisement are getting insane everyday… As you seen tattoo on forehead as ads as the individual had to walking in front of everybody to pay attention their ads. They’re buying! Or not…

Back to subject – make it put together, I thought. Oh, if there is such a public videophone company is use, in find way to earn that way keeps their business stay behind pay monthly on the service fee. Oh yeah, we still pay like we pay cable and watch ton commercial ads. Imagine! An advertisement to place on videophone while on waiting call!

I’m not saying there will be, that soon. Because the current what Video Relay Service are under federate fund. Obviously, they’re not allowing. So, I’m saying, what if VRS aren’t being fund by federate, make us and include hearing to pay the very very very low cost monthly on service fee and we still see annoying ads. Maybe it changes our mind that we want beer or something. Call me crazy!

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  • RLM

    That would be very real scary scenario for the deaf users of VP to be bombared with commericalistic VP screens.

    I am not sure if the FCC will tolerate that kind of idea for the companies prey upon deaf VP users’ precious time.

    We are in the underways of the Green Revolution – less commerical and materialistic and less energy consumption.

    Your blog entry is very interesting concept of introducing the ads to the VP screen.

    That could be possible for the VP ads happen in next 10 t0 20 years if our economy keep tanking and tanking. Who knows?

    You are not crazy at all, but very thought-provoking ponder. 🙂

    Hope to see more of your blog/vlog entry in near future. 🙂

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)
    RLMDEAF blog (Am I guilty of doing the ads like putting the name of my blogsite- RLMDEAF or what? LOL!

  • Brian M

    What an interesting vision that would happen in future and i think it’s a good idea.

  • Good grief. If advertising were allowed on the videophone, it would violate the conditions of its funding.

    After all, telephones don’t carry advertising except for the ads produced by callers or callees to each other. No third party ads.

    Personally, I would avoid services that impose ads on me, and already watch very little television for this reason.

  • deafscribbler

    Interesting, I already talked with VP interpreter friend of mine and we thought about putting short clips of “Do and Don’t” for VP use to help cut down on common mistakes etc.