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150 movies with CC on iTunes

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Well, I thought I should celebrate on iTunes for hit 150 movies with Closed Caption. It been since over a year, iTunes have improve to make possible for only MP4 device for deaf to enjoy to watch movies on our boredom time. Here is the completed listing.

Be warning, it’s large image. Sorry, I cannot typing the whole thing, so instead, I shooting the screen-shot all and put it together in one image. So go and click the image below there!


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  • joseph

    WHY are you applauding these jerks?

    150 movies. Great. Out of? Close to 16,000 last time I checked. Around 1%. That’s accessible? captions around 6% of its material. Better, but still crappy. If you only read 6% of a book, how could you understand it?

    Oh, and btw, they cut it down to ZERO two months ago, when a facebook group was started to fight back against this….

  • moebius

    At least we have SOME captioned movies… 150 is better than ZERO!