Sam the Deaf

Punch Out Wii-eee!

Video Game

Man, I love Punch Out on video game since I first play on arcade at the tiny mall in my hometown. The lately game on Wii, it’s pretty! And I’m so hook on that game. Most character are familiar. Just one new character add and one secret on special bonus which I haven’t face him.

I try out on Wii remote and Nunchuk as I pretend to punch. Man, it wear my arms in minutes. So, I stick with Wii remote as like old day on NES controller until it kill my thumb at any time I play.

Anyway, I’m on the challenge where I have to beat up on Glass Joe while he wear head gear protection. That’s cheat, isn’t it? Neverless, I found a way to beat his face all the time. Heh. Poor him, his head is going to smash like glass. That’s why he called “Glass Joe”.

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