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Review: House MD – “House Divided”

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If you miss that epsoide, you can check on with Closed Caption in few days later after being air on last Monday. – House MD

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  • The show with cochlear implant has destroyed the credibility of the show. I’m deaf from a deaf family. I’m college educated and full-time employed. I’ve enjoy watching House for several seasons now until the cochlear implant show. It was so sickening because of so many factual errors of how cochlear implant was presented and how deaf culture/disability was presented.

    $50,000+++ cochlear implant are no better than the latest digital hearing aids. If you’ve met deaf adults, you’ll find that vast majority of them wear hearing aids rather than opting for a cochlear implant. As for deaf children, unfortunately, 95% of the deaf children come from parents that can hear and they’re forced without choice to have cochlear implant that is typically not “successful” because cochlear implant is not a cure and the child will always remain deaf and will eventually immerse in deaf culture. American Sign Language (ASL) is deaf people’s natural and fluent language. I encourage and promote everyone to become bilingual or even trilingual and learn/use ASL. Never force cochlear implant for your or society’s convenience. That is equivalent to ethnic cleansing.

    Cochlear implant is not a simple surgery. Its an intensive brain surgery. In the past, children and adults alike have died from this surgery. They’ve also suffered lifelong migraines/tinnitus and/or suffered paralysis. This is why vast majority of deaf adults opt for hearing aids or none at all. Again, unfortunately, deaf children are forced to have the surgery for the parent’s convenience.

  • I just blogged about this at my link above. I was just so astonished at the amount of ignorance!

  • RLM

    Thanks for sharing this info with us, DR viewers.

    I am much pleased to see the real idiocy of the “House, M.D.” producers and writers on the CI issue which will bring the real victory to the anti-CI and AGBell movement and activism.

    Thanks again for the zillion time!

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  • cdm

    Just to point out… cochlear implant is NOT brain surgery. It’s just opening the skin right behind the ear, drilling a hole into the skull to get access to the inner ear, drill a little “bowl” in the skull to hold the implant in place, threading the cochlear implant’s electrode into the cochlea, tying the implant down so it doesn’t get dislodged, and closing the incision in the skin. No brain involved.

  • marcia

    Sammmmm… no sound!! ~pout~ You lost me after “Hi, I”m Sam”, “Hi I’m Levi”. lol

  • Gloria

    Hi hi, I was not impressed how Dr. House handled the Deaf patient. Dr. House was insenstive in my view, because he didn’t ask the patient or the patients mother if he could do the cochlear implant surgery. That action showed unprofessionalism from my prospective. I think the Deaf patient was old enough to make his own decision on whether he wanted the cochlear or not. I felt the show was insulting.

  • Marcia, blame it on Sam for lack of subtitle on the vlog. Sam told me that you said that I am cute…very interesting.