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Rants: Hearing knows deaf is Lip Reader. NO!

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When I thought of Desperate Housewives that used to be my favorite TV show. I chucked how neat when Marlee Matline plays as Alisa Stevens, bitching to Lynette. That was the funny I have seen deaf argue with hearing. That makes me look up on Desperate Housewives at Youtube to give a good ol’ day laugh. But I notice there is a fool comment.t.

Whaaaat? That person thinks he knows that we, deaf, can read lip? I don’t know where that idiot person gets that from. Probably meet the only deaf who have ability of speech. Maybe they think we’re deafs without speech ability are out of face. Ooo.. I’m so mad that I want to sharp my pencil and stab his inner ear and have him force reading the lip to see if he understand or not.

Read lips isn’t flawless. I guess that person didn’t see one of Seinfeld’s episode that Marlee Matline play as Laura, where she mistook on read lip from someone.

Jerry: All right, we’re taking a car service. So we’ll swing by and pick you up. How about six? (Laura looks offended). Six is good. (Laura looks offended and angry). You got a problem with six? (Laura opens the door and gets out). What? What?
Jerry: See I was saying “six” but she thought I was saying “sex”. We straightened the whole thing out though.
George: She confused “six” with “sex”?

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  • RLM


    Many thanks for this enclosure of hilarous Marlee Matlin’s special appearance in “Desperate Housewives”.

    I always enjoy this very “DW” episode very much with MM in it.

    Too bad, the YouTube did not provide
    any open or closed captions. 🙁