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iTunes with CC getting less

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On second previous, there was over 90 movies, then last previous, it appear to be over 30. Now today, I see only ONE movie. What’s on Sam Hill is that?!?! I can tell that either their contract to place on iTunes has expired or studios become careless to place CC on iTunes. Of course, there is no FCC required on media portable player.

To tell you… I’m very disappointment as I thought I have faith on them. Neverless, I’m struck with HandBrake to rip DVD movies to waste my time and put in my iPod Touch. Probably 20% to 30% DVD are on SDH (Subtitle for Deaf and Hard of Hearing) available and most are on English Subtitle. If I see these DVD with only CC, I cannot rip the movie and put on iPod Touch. It’s useless. Thank a lot, studios, I hate you.

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  • Go ahead to hate them for sure! Mwahahaha!

  • The highlander

    Handbrake sucks!

    I like use MacTheRipper

    You can rip that movie with CC. 🙂

  • Kirk Staley

    I was surprised too, as I checks iTunes every now and then, but I will bring it up with the deaf teacher at RIT.

  • Kirk Staley

    I just checked now, and the list of movies is back now.