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I have thought on the sign. It seem that I have seen on deviantART that people have been take the picture of the sign that said “Deaf Child Area”. They act like they have no idea what it mean. It pop my head as I imagine there going to be an angry driver who tell to the deaf child to get off the road. Yet, the driver didn’t pay attention or not even understand the sign. Probably not always happen.

Anyway, I use Photoshop with Pen Tablet to draw from scratch.

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  • freakcandy

    I would piss off if they honk and didn’t slow down, they would hit one of them. =( I wish they have sign that does have flashin ~_~ but it gonna cost money >_>

  • Silent Red Wolf

    I know two place that have sign “Deaf Child Area” one street I know that have deaf child live, and another one that have same sign but Deaf adult live there. Also not too far where I live have sign said Blind Child area. I will try take picture of this sign and send to you if you want to.

    Silent Red Wolf

  • haha.. you did a good job giving a meaning to that sign 🙂

  • marcia

    There has been a sign on a street nearby that says “Deaf Child At Play” for nearly 20 years now. Should they not take them down once they are done with them? I have often said that it’s now safe to change that sign since the child grew up long ago. Maybe it should now read: “Deaf Senior Citizen Sitting on Porch Swing”.

  • Amanda

    What size pen tablet you use?

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