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Review on XMeeting .4 preview 2 (Mac only)

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XMeeting is video conferencing for Mac OS X. In early, it been suggest to use as videophone on Apple desktop or laptop. However, there is an issue that cannot work during the beta. It had been years until late January 2009, FINALLY. The current the version is .04 Preview 2 where you can download here.

I have been doing it with XMeeting on my own time to test all 15+ Video Relay Service (VRS). Yes, you can dial with full address instead ip-address (Ex. dialing It appears that XMeeting works well with any VRS, except Sorenson VRS that you cannot doing at home. Why? Because that VRS will be redirect to your VP-200 during the primary id-address that being recognition. Outside on Free or Paid Wi-fi is question if that work with Sorenson VRS. It’s safe to tell, don’t use it!

Anyway, back to XMeeting, as I told it works so well. BUT, it doesn’t work after 5 minutes when it become terrible quality as the relay agent wouldn’t able to see me in clearly. It becomes useless, unlike iChat.

I don’t think that XMeeting is not smart enough to keep the frame running smooth as iChat. That’s worst that I couldn’t use my smartphone as tethering to my computer to use as videophone anywhere. It appear on both view on mine view and their’s view to be worst lapse that relay agent wouldn’t accept my call. Use it on your own risk. I couldn’t recommend it as your videophone call with VRS. But the only one VRS I couldn’t promise but able to keep you with you is BiSVRS. Point-to-Point or computer to videophone will be okay for now.

Unless you know how to make configuration correct on Xmeeting’s setting. Neverless…. I’m wait for new update to improve! Hang on! Otherwise, I’m struck with HOVRS (VRS only) with iChat for a while.

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  • Butch

    Interesting review! Thanks. I just wanted to comment that I had no problem using Xmeeting with CSDVRS ( or any clearblue affiliates (ex. I am not sure why you are seeing things differently.

    Anyway…keep on researching and sharing the findings with the general public. Thanks.

  • hak

    On the Contacts list, does XMeeting Call Address mean ip address, or email address or 10 digit number?


  • hak

    Sam, thanks for the response… the pic in this new version is much better… the previous version had a wide “stretchy” border all around the small pic in the center.

  • J.J.

    Not sure about XMeeting as I do not have a mac..but with CSDVRS’ “PC-100” you can get a phone number…I like PC-100 a lot…

  • Butch,

    What your version of OSX and Xmeeting?

    OSX 10.5.6 and Xmeeting 0.4p2.

    I have same problem with VP to VP after 5-10 minutes

  • James Olson

    Mmm.. I dont understand why you having problem. I dont have any problem with xmeeting.

  • hak

    its me again… I just tried this new version of Xmeeting with a friend using the same version but she got an error msg. saying “internal transport/connect failure”… So she switched to Sorenson 200 and it worked fine altho choppy or pixelated. She said no problem with her earlier version.

    any idea?