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Just saw commercial ads last night during Biggest Loser. Have you? First, I thought it’s great. Awww, look at them. Aren’t they cute?

BUT I find annoying to see the hearing men don’t know sign language when have girlfriend who is deaf and oral. My friend is right, it’s very sad.

I guess we may not see the real deaf culture for a while since Pepsi’s ads during Super Bowl, which was awesome and funny.

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  • At least we see another deaf-related nation-wide tv commercial like Pepsi’s Ad during Super Bowl of 2008. I know that it’s kinda of sad to see a hearing person and deaf (kinda of orally) person instead of the fully one. Oh well…at least it had been began.

  • Oh yes, I saw it last month or something. I don’t think she is oral. Most people who oral and don’t know how to use ASL. Many of my friend who deaf and they can simple speak like her. My wife can speak anything and people thought she is hearing but she is deaf.

  • it was corny and pathetic ad.


  • Deaf Pixie

    Not really? The guy is hearing and Deaf woman frequent ASL.

    I just saw ADS was adversisted few couple days ago.

    Blah Blah, I understand that Pespi is just commerical .. Most of people dont really know what was going on between non-colhear implant and hearing aids. ETC ETC.

  • Yes, Always early for Christmas. We went to mall and there is lot Christmas store in few weeks ago.

  • Gamma

    Oh please! Stop being so negative! At least, there’s a tv commercial out there featuring a deaf person.

  • Kate

    She just mouthed the words, she didn’t speak them. I find that deaf people do that to hearing people a lot. 🙂 At least the guy is sorry about his bad sign skills.

  • RBL

    Corny? I dont think so.. Come on… it seems that whenever there’s ANYTHING about Deaf in tv shows, we get critized by our OWN DEAF community, not the hearing norm… Let’s face it everyone, at least there’s something out there….. It’s ONLY a commercial, doesn’t necessarily mean it applies to real life….I’m oral and ALSO DEAF who knows ASL… so does that mean people are against me because I am ORAL? I am not going to go there.. We should accept for eachother for who we are.. I was bought up oral because my parents tried their best of what to do with my education with lack of resources back in the 70’s….. and learned ASL late…Just be grateful there’s a deaf commerical.. GEESH whiz.. why people critized others all the time???

  • RBL,

    Actually, since you said that we, the Deaf people, got criticized by our own Deaf community, then it applied to other communities when the hearing, black, Indian, Asian and other persons did criticized by their own community. No big difference. I did criticized myself as an Oral Deaf who knows ASL and don’t find anything wrong with that. Sometime criticize others make them to improved themselves to better by knowledge.

  • MayNERD

    Blah Blah,

    Criticize NEVER help people. Negative NEVER help. Criticize is negative.

    Try “encourage” other. That positive. Everyone benefits from positive.

    Be positive and other people will be positive also.

    Encourage hearing to try to understand Deaf/deaf/HH. And you try to understand hearing more.

    Don’t criticize commericial. I encourage to try to understand why hearing made the commercial that way.

    Why is girl deaf and not boy? Or why not both deaf? Why they make boy sign bad? Why they make girl say something? Why they go off alone to sign and not have conversation with rest of family? Think and understand why hearing made commercial that way.

    Hearing will never try to understand us until we truely try to understand them.

    Lets encourage each other!

  • Bookworm

    I totally agreed with you, MayNerd. People need to get over and learn to stop criticize people. At least there is a deaf person on TV and we should be happy about that. Every deaf community have different culture and it is beautiful that way. Why limit ourselves to one culture? Come on, get real, people.

  • Violet

    I thought it was kinda cute although corny but i was super excited i was like aww would you look at that! 😛