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Internet limit data would hurt videophone *update*

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Starting in November, AT&T will limit downloads to 20 gigabytes per month for users of their slowest DSL service, at 768 kilobits per second. The limit increases with the speed of the plan, up to 150 gigabytes per month at the 10 megabits-per-second level.
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First, I thought it would be good news to reduce download the illegal software or video. But it would be bad for user who uses iTunes to download LEGAL video. For a moment, I forget about videophone. It would be bad news. I figure on how much bandwidth it would use on video stream during base of one-hour conversation. It depends on heavy motion.

It doesn’t look good. I smell the riot over ISP issues. Okay, maybe send letter to communicate company is good to start to have them listen us. Fire away!

I got confuse with bits and bytes. Therefore, I make mistake and update the correct calculator. Therefore, it’s approximately 345 Mbytes per hour. It’s not too bad. I hope.

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  • Randell

    512K from an ISP is Kbps, not KB. So the total per hour would be 345 KBytes. And the bandwidth if talking to someone else on a similar connection is likely to be limited by upstream on both sides, so 256/256 would be 230 KBytes/hour. Also, normally ISPs count upstream or downstream against a cap, but don’t add the two. If so, we’re talking either 115 (256K) or 230 (512K) KBytes/hr.

    A lot smaller than 2.76 GBytes/hr.

  • If you use business plan for ISP then you are fine but expensive.
    ISP limited 20 Gig that’s mean you have around 7 hours per month for VP.

  • Jared Evans

    Re-do your calculations.

    There are 4 bits per byte. You’ll find that there is plenty of monthly bandwidth for 512k VP conversations.

  • Jared Evans

    at 512kbps, You’ll find that you would have to be on the VP 24 hours a day, everyday to hit the 150G monthly bandwidth limit.

  • I’m using something called Nefsis for my video and even though my connection is at 512kb/sec max I’m still able to use the video without any problem. But I can change the frames per second to whatever I want so that helps me control the amount of bandwidth I use. A friend told me about it, found it here

    Whatever you personally might use for video you should be able to get by with a 512Kbps/sec connection.