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Am I still use VCR?

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Just let anybody wonder if I’m use VCR. Answer is YES. I’m still VCR. The only useful that I could watch it if I ever miss it and isn’t available to record through over-the-air (OTA). Or even on landline cable during the CW in digital channel is messy with digital closed caption (CC). Yes, I already send the complain letter to CW station in my location and FCC about the CC issues.

I find weird that when it show fine in first minutes until CW logo appear it become either it skip or appear in half before the sentence suppose to be finish. It doesn’t matter if it’s on OTA or landline. What a messy.

So, that’s why I’m still use VCR whatever I ever miss any good show I want to watch. Often, I request from my friend to record it for me which he have nice cable service which I don’t have one in my local. And there is certain channel I don’t have in my basic package. He does. Hey, call me cheapskate. 🙂

Of course, I do aware that he does own the DVD recorder. BUT… It have an issues with caption closed, no matter how it can record. It’s messy and cannot be record all over again like tape. Unless, it’s “DVD-RW”… Or is that suppose be “DVD+RW”? Anyway, I afraid it would be confuse if thing get right between his DVD player and my DVD player to confirm.

Anyway, I had VCR since 1996. That would be 12 years and count. It still running great, who can complain it?

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  • Richard Roehm

    People still hanging onto the old VHS and Beta tapes. You know what? They’re probably no good because the tapes go through a breakdown called ‘media rot’ and they become useless and worthless.

  • RLM

    I am with you about the reliable use of VCR as compared to the Tivo or DVR.

    I bought the DVR last year which I couldn’t get it worked. The DVR machine sit with dusts on it. I was not able to return it in time.


  • Hey, Sam!

    At least you and me now have DVR from AT&T U-Verse and also you don’t have to ask your friend to recording the television shows for you anymore from now. 🙂

  • VCR? Eww.. I don’t touch it for almost 10 years. Use DVD+R and it’s 100% compatibility with all other DVD players,

    RLM, Why you don’t bother to call your DVR’s warranty?