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My iPod Touch (2G)

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I brought it right after iPod Touch 2G introduce from recently Apple Event. I really like it so much as I could make easy look up on website and check e-mail at home or anywhere with Wi-Fi available. I could watch movie with subtitle or closed caption (see demo) or play game whatever I’m bore.

New Facebook 2.0 for iPod Touch/iPhone is pretty cool, I simple shake my iPod to get new update. Wick! Anyway, I would like to share what my iPod look like as it take by screenshot.

One big main reason I love to have my own iPod Touch because I’m on travel often. When I’m in airplane, stewardess usually tells me to put my laptop away before landing. It’s kind too much for me. To have iPod Touch does solve my problem to put away in easy way. 😀

By the way, I would love to have iPhone, but it’s too expensive to use at&t with TAP plan. And there isn’t quite features that meet my need such as tethering to my laptop.

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  • Jos

    My major problem with apple is that the Iphones are not hearing aid compatible, even the updated 3G. That leaves a lot of hard of hearing people out of luck who can hear well enough to speak on a phone.

  • Congrats! I’m so JEALOUS! >.<

  • Hmm

    Sam the Bright – its clear that you didn’t read the Washington Post article. Please refrain from pulling others down (crab theory) and let others who are more knowledge in this issue to comment.

    I’m all for display of captions in the FedEx Stadium and I’ve voted Yes in the Washington Post article.

  • ericmc

    yo sam. long time no chat or see ya…. guess what? i m getting iphone 3GS this weekend. woo hoo… 😛 hopefully i ll enjoy it every minute. 🙂