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That’s how the current HDMI works with HDTV

I'm Deaf, Media

Reference from Banjo’s World on “Equal Access: HDMI is Inaccessible” that is about HDMI that we, deaf and hard of hearing, need to have it go through to HDTV. Subtitle can be the problem with anybody with poor visual. Built-in Closed Caption from media box isn’t help that much, but useful with Sling anyway. So, the figure should help to clear up.

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  • You don’t need to watch closed caption for the show about Sam and Candy since they use ASL.

  • Bike

    You are wrong. Many DVD have subtitle also Sony Blu Ray do supported CC build in on DVD player.

  • Alvin

    Why not someone complain with ADA for lawsuit?

  • Alvin,

    ADA is for any kind of issue related to the employee’s disability at the work. FCC is for any kind of issue related to the communication via the television, the phone, TTY, internet and videophone. Next time, use the Google before said that.

  • Alvin

    Oh well I am from Canada, I don’t know much with ADA.

    Why NAD take action with FCC? In Canada, we can’t do anything because HDMI office in America.

  • I understand that you are from Canada but next time research about something you don’t know about before saying that. All NAD do is support and encourage FCC to improve better for Deaf Community. NAD is just an association for deaf in nation-wide (just like a high school club).

  • Silent

    No sense. Still not understand your drawing.
    Red cable “CC” go to trash basket?
    Blue cable for audio
    Yellow cable for video, CC and subtitle

    Yellow cable for video
    Red and white cable for audio

  • CSD’s DTV Help Center are ready to help you with closed captioning issues. Please visit and contact them with one of various type of communications listed on the webiste.

    We can help you with filing FCC complaints if your close captioning issues is not resloved.