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Marvelous weekend!

Food, General, Holy Smoke!

I had Powerbook 3G, Pismo model since 2001. It failed like 2 years ago which it have Sound / AC Power Input Board problem as it cannot recharge or even power-up. I order the new one from eBay and replace it by myself. But it wouldn’t able to work properly. I couldn’t figure out what’s wrong. I give up and leave it in duct while I was busy abuse my iBook for short year then MacBook, which I current own it. Until few weeks ago, I decided it was good time to get my Pismo repair to find out what’s really wrong. I use third-party from Powerbook Media which seem good cost. I shipped to there and later, found out that it wasn’t logic board, it was first place I thought. It’s only need hard driver replace. Good thing, it was crap 12GB HDD into 112GB HDD. Awesome, it finally running great as just the basic to use such as surf over Internet. But video don’t running that well. Who care! Powerbook 3G live!!!

I was at ZestFest (click link that will tell you about the expo) with friends. Guess what? I met Miss Texas 2008 (also 2007), Rebecca Robinson. She is too hot to touch! Oh hey, she suddenly tried her best to use sign language to make herself introduce to me. That’s really cute, thought. Hope Miss Texas win in America Pageant 2009. Yeah, I don’t think they allow me date her. You know how busy she would be.

Follow up at ZestFest, I tried many different spicy food. Although, I do enjoy those samples, I thought of try the spiciest to make part of great experience. I even tried two most spicy sauces and it killed my tongue. Oh! My stomach!

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    We love Miss Texas – Rebecca Robinson too!!!

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