Sam the Deaf

How irony on US President Campaign. COOL!


President of US 2008 Campaign

John McCain choice Sarah Palin, who become the second female vice-president (VP) in campaign. I find something irony thing.

Barack Obama who is 40s, choice Joe Biden as VP, who have gray-hair.

McCain, who is gray-hair, choice Palin as VP, who is 40s.

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  • la la

    And what’s your point?

  • Eddie Runyon

    The point they were making is Obama chose an older successor to him and McCain chose a younger and FEMALE successor to him. The irony is, the Republicans are actually much more geared to the future now than the Democrats, Palin has Governor managerial experience in dealing with budgets that Obama nor Biden have, she’s young, she’s female, she’s VERY blue collar and she is someone with a track record of reform. with Obama and Biden, its no experience and Washington insider (Biden) versus experience and outsider and reformer experience. VERY wise choice by McCain.

  • What? NO one noticed that Sam made a mistake by putting “Palin” on the photo of Joe Biden…? Talk about PWND!

  • Levi, you are wrong! It’s Joe Palin.