Sam the Deaf

A difference between “actor” and “actress”

I'm Deaf

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  • Trina

    Niiiiice, Sam! I’m sure the acting community will love your idea! LOLOLOL

  • Very interesting… but I think you need to get a female to show the new combined “actress” sign to see where the problem is hah

  • ha ha ha!!!!

  • p.s. I love the new look on your blog site… using “no photo” icon with your b&w icon, etc. Very clever!

  • Charlene

    HAH.. well, I agree with Levi. There is so much more to females than just boobs. How about on the brain, since we’re so much smarter?? 😉

  • Benno

    Using actor sign near female boobs is considered as insulted as women are seen as human.

    Note that there is no thing as International Sign Language. We should say International Signs instead since International Signs tend not to include grammar and structures (or not enough of them) we know from ASL, BSL, DGS, and so forth.

  • Mom

    Not too crazy about the actress sign, Sambo!