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Wireless Portable Videophone have a big CON. Why?

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Not freedom wireless portableWireless portable videophone has the huge negative I bring it up for everybody to understand the technology. First, I thought it’s great that anyone could bring videophone portable at coffee cafe, hotel or airport terminal where they have Wi-Fi spot. Unfortunately, there is problem you cannot get it work. Why?

Because almost every Wi-Fi spot are tense REQUIRED to use browser to login to activate the network. I have my experience on travel with my laptop with built-in 801.11. I have seen many place with free or not free Wi-Fi access. So, some advertise from VRS’ that you seen, are somewhere misled.

When I had VPAD, of course, it doesn’t come with built-in wireless equipment, as you would need to buy one to plug through USB slot. I recall that I do not see browser but only WEP support. I put a big bet that you WILL NOT get these work on HOVRS MVP and CSDVRS’s Z device either. None is freedom communicating you wanted on videophone portable.

I guess we will have to wait until 3G’s coverage in America improves. While some of you, include me, enjoy our laptop with high speed wireless modem or use mobile phone (3G or EVDO) as modem to plug up and able to use as videophone. I can wait and see if anyone would able to bring the true mobile phone with front of camera where you able to point yourself while you can see it. IPhone ain’t work out for you because it’s on the back, how ridiculous you dream about it.


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  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with you.

    That has been my biggest beef with these wifi phones.

    However, they are still nice for using at the home…you could take it out on the deck and VP with your friends while enjoying a bottle of beer and the scenery.

    Plus, there are always unsecured network signals to mooch off…if you look hard.

    Then again…these small devices are great to bring on vacation…you can plug an Ethernet cable into them wherever you go…hotels and airports have Ethernet cables if you look in the right places…

  • Marvelous

    Yes. shoot! I agreed with you! It’s totally MISLED.

    We can’t wait iPhone version 3.0 with video chat! with 3G.

  • Troy

    as I understand MVP does come with broswer. Will have to wait and see if it’s the fact. VPAD is JUNK! CSDVRS dont make or create this Z-VP. CSDVRS just bought these wireless vp from other company and use CSDVRS’s brand name.

  • Troy

    3g is not cover in many cities. It will happen all over the cities and then all these wireless phone or vp will support with many features for 3G. I want Iphone but I can always wait becz there will be a better one than what they gave out at this time.

  • Anonymous

    The original D-Link was actually orginally from Sorenson, BTW.

    Viable used some sort of a video security system control panel and converted it into a VP.

    MVP, I have no idea where it came from, but it is likely that HOVRS did not manufacture it.

    VRS companies are not in the business of manufacturing VP’s…except for Sorenson who has been in the VP business long before anyone else….

  • Anonymous

    Viable… What could I say about Viable. I bought VPADs. I only used it for like two weeks then it died. I could not use it. I have been trying to get hold someone and get it replace or refund but not able to do it.

    Glad you posted this blog. Thank you! We need to know the truth about the mobility videophones. I cant say if HOVRS or CSDVRS is better but I know, for sure, Viable’s VPAD sucks! Also Viable hires signers more than certified interpreters. Viable’s Anthony Mowl, he is an true bullshitting artist. Viable is full of shit, I use HOVRS for relay because they got certified interpreters available to us.

    I am going to wait for G3 to come out. I am using VPAD as a paperweight right now.

  • Before making assumptions about HOVRS and their free and superior product MVP – call “” and ask them questions. They will tell you that MVP does come with an Internet browser and you will be able to connect to thousands of WiFi connections all over the world through hotels, coffee shops, and so on…

  • Thomas

    Thanks for the information! I agreed.

    I was assuming that it might be little early for those video portables for anyone to use WiFi this time basically due to the speed and other few reasons like what you explained.

    I’m wondering about the LAN WiFi, too but soon enough I shall find out how it fares. If it works good enough, then it helps us more roam-free within the range, know me meant. lol

    In next two years or so it would rather be readily for those to use.

    At least it won’t be long for them to be finally be useful. Let’s see what happens.

  • Loida Ortiz

    Loida Ortiz
    want mvp August 8-9-08

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