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Review: Wireless VP Signaler

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You wonder how is my search on videophone signaler. Well, guess what? My search is over. I found an excellent videophone signaler that actual wireless device.

I found out about Krown Manufacturing, Inc’s KA1000RR Remote Receiver and KA1000TR Telephone Ringer (transmitter). Its cost almost hundred bucks total on both device. At bright side, it’s 5 bucks cheap than Sonic Alert TR75VRM and SA101 combine, which more like cause false during crazy impulse with other electrics in house. I aware there is also another truly wireless videophone signaler which is Deafworks’ X-10 but it’s totally rip-off and ugly than Sonic Alert’s.

KA1000TR is smaller transmitter that have a telephone jack for plug in the back of videophone. KA1000RR is a remote receiver with outlet for plug to any lamp to flashing. It can turn it ON or OFF while it will alert to flashing.

I find interest that setting is very easy. All I do is press to hold on KA1000RR’s button while press transmitter’s button for just 3 seconds. Then it will understand each other and ready to use. It’s quiet nice.

• Easy install
• Wireless (it rocks)
• Smaller device plug to videophone

• Pricey but it’s still cheap than any videophone signaler in market *shurg*

From what I understand that Remote Receiver can do more than just for videophone. It also connect with any Krown’s transmitter that can be attachment with any device such as fire, smoke, on door to knock, etc. I did got transmitter as doorknock signaler. It work nice by place transmitter on inside door. Have someone knock the outside door, it will send signal to KA1000RR to alert. Sweet.

How do I know which transmitter send the signal and flashing? It has three different channels when set on transmitter. From what I seen that I set on Channel 1 as regular flash, Channel 2 is double flash then pause for second and repeat, and Channel 3 is slow flash. Now, I can relax and do something in living room and await for signal. 🙂

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  • Steven

    Oh yeah, I have done wifi router hooked up my sonersonvrs and use the wireless telephone transmitters just same as you had to sends the signal entire of strobes in my house that way i don’t have to go back to room and check everytime.

    As for wifi router, it can be painful when deal with the router’s firewall. It just need to access the wifi’s firewall to set the sonersonvrs’ mac address on the allow list.

  • Anonymous

    no idea how that wi-fi work with transmitter. I don’t understand?