Sam the Deaf

Something is wrong with Sonic Alert’s diagram

Holy Smoke!, I'm Deaf

I thought of get signaler for my videophone. Since the most of time, I have always miss my call several time when I’m n other room. How irony!

So, I decide and look up at Sonic Alert’s website. I start to realize something wrong with the diagram that show how to place the device connect with videophone.

As you can see the figure in picture appear there is a keyboard next to “television”, it looks like a computer desktop. I DON’T THINK I ever seen anywhere put the videophone over computer monitor. The most common I have seen videophone is place with standard television. What are Sonic Alert think???

I would simple use television as general display in picture. HDTV or advance monitor with composite video, which only works with videophone, is just an option. Get it right, Sonic Alert!

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  • La La

    Ha. I do have VP200 over my monitor (not TV).

    What’s your problem?


  • la la

    Viewsonic (7 years old) – 17″ monitor.

  • La La

    That wasn’t the point of discussion re: saving the electric bill.

    To answer your question about saving electric bill..I do have LCD now!! 🙂

  • Former Sonic Alert owner

    Sonic Alert is a failure. Its system does not work with new house with high technology for more than one year. It causes too many false flashing at random times. Several times, I had communication with Sonic Alert Tech Support personnal. Also had master electrician call Sonic Alert for me for 2-1/2 hours. Problem was not solved. Last month, I purchased a complete set of Silent Call Communication. Silent Call is a success. Afterward, Silent Call visual alerting system works fine as well as no more false flashings.

  • Kim

    Sonic Alert devices suck like shit. I am satisfied with Ameriphone alert devices and a phone flasher from radio shack.