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VPAD firmware update

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VPAD have new firmware update, I believe that it been announce like in a middle of May. After pluging Cat5 cable (Ethernet) to VPAD and turn it on, it automatically connect to Viable and force to update on firmware. It takes like 5 minutes and reboots itself. So far, what I find several improvements on features compare to my first review on VPAD. Setup Preference is now storage without “reset” itself.

Touch-screen finally improves by responded quick by touch on screen. However, there are more like 50% are incorrect. For example, there are two buttons, I want to press “H” and it actually click as “J” as you see on keyboard. I had to point little bits of the left side of “H” button to getting a correct letter.

Video incoming shows much smooth rather than a frame to be chopping, it’s bigger improved. When I test by make call on VPAD to videophone (VP). The friend of mine on videophone seen the incoming video capture so clearly than VP to VP. That’s impressive.

If you want to turn your VPAD as wireless, you can do it what I did on my VP-200 with a wireless gaming adapter. Cat5 is much faster stream and less havoc than USB wireless adapter. Of course, you cannot use it as portable VP, unless there is a built-in battery for VPAD.

If you can’t wait until Fall when Viable VPAD may release, you can buy one at eBay for hundred bucks which is a well-fair price.

NOTE: I don’t have VPAD with me anymore. Fortunately, I can able to do an experiment on my friend’s VPAD.

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    wait till the MVP comes out!