Sam the Deaf

Welcome to my new weblog


I have finally done with everything I want this theme look. It’s not flawless but, I try my best. Yet, I enjoy learn something new by play around on the code stuff on PHP and CSS stuff. I have my own web domain name that you can see it match my title.

What’s new about my weblog.
• You can comment with your own avatar. Go to Gravatar and register. It’s easy step to get one. Pretty cool through.
• Theme of my own character I create as I felt as myself with kid heart. So, he is me.
• Sidebar make little improve and better link to my experience without hassle redirect.
• Remove junk and reduce stuff to make quick loading because I care for some who are on slow internet service than high-speed.
• New categories had been add – “I’m Deaf” which is about culture, American Sign Language, review gadget for deaf and more. If you look for Deaf thing, that where you’re look for.

Here are my favorite blog from my past…
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  • testing… will my nifty avatar show up???

  • Neo

    That’s cool and thank you.

  • deafscribbler

    Get me up early in the morning to do something on Summer Vacation. I hate you.

  • violet

    im jealous that you have a animation character thing a mabob to represent you..i got nothing :'(

  • Pah! You have your own domain which I have been waited for awhile! And I already have my own Gravatar for awhile! *snickers!*

  • I am submitting the comment myself here to check if my gravatar appear here..