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Pick up the meal finally become friendly

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Ever I told you that my favorite place to eat Mexican food? It’s Rosa’s Cafe, they got great meal, far better than Taco Bell and it’s cheap than middle-class restaurant. Heck, Rosa’s Cafe have excellent spicy salsa to dipping with nacho or with any meal. It starts with my hometown where they have, which is most popular to eat. I’m so relief there is also available in city where I’m settle at. I’m eating that cafe at most of time like pig, oh yeah.

One unfortunately thing I have to stand closer to the desk where they serve the plate to have anyone pick up the meal. That’s where I stand there and see if my meal come up and check the ticket to match the number that I had one after make order from the cashier. That’s one loath thing I have done for many years.

Until few days ago, I went to Rosa’s Cafe and order something and pick up the ticket to wait. Oh my god! I look up the LCD display hang on the wall. There are three monitors on each side. I puzzled and figure it’s the number they make call. Oh wow, for many years, I finally see the friendliest call. I must not worry about it. All I do is, relax by sit by the table as my reserve. Wait for the number pop on the display to match my ticket. Therefore I go and pick up my meal. It make much easy for me.

Much cool for deaf to know when meal is ready and pick up without have one of staff pity on me and help. I like to do myself like normal alligator and gulp em. Of course, it’s not always for deaf but during the noise environment as it’s obviously, that people are talk like wild. Yet, it helps. Do you know any cafe or fast-food that have friendly call and you yourself pick up without staff’s greasy finger to poke us? 🙂

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  • I love Mexican Food also, it is my favorite and I hate ordering and not hearing when my food is ready. I have never been here but I will look and check it out.

    Thanks for sharing, wish more places do this!


    that rocks!

  • At least Rosa’s Cafe is now deaf-friendly when it comes to the order calling. ^_^