Chanelle Dunn

Usher Syndrome & Reading Speed

Usher Syndrome

Further analyzing to understand my Usher-related slowness, I decided to time my reading.


On average, I read 23 words per minute. An average reader reads 250 words per min.
Summary: 23 wpm vs 250 wpm


-It takes me 1 hour to read while it takes an average person less than 6 min to read the same amount of reading material.
Summary: 1 hour vs < 6 min
-It takes me 1 hour to read on average 3 pgs in a PDF format.

Further, I have good and bad eye days, which is normal among those with Usher Syndrome.

Note: Reading is the easiest task to perform. Navigating in software and on forms and websites is more difficult- a deliberate process.

This slowness explains:

-“Time is Money” issues
-Work and life productivity issues.


-I am not an asset, forcing me to get SSDI (Social Security Disability Income) benefits to help employers, especially small ones, survive.
-I have a minimal social life. The free time I have I spend with my own husband.

I’m always drowning in time and struggling.

So thankful I love my career and have Sam Dunn as a partner.


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