Sam the Deaf

Be vegetarian or meat-eater?



Let vegan be vegan. Let meat-eater be meat-eater. It’s their choice! Just let us enjoy together at BBQ.

Genesis 2:16-17 (ERV)
“(16) The Lord God gave him this command: “You may eat from any tree in the garden. (17) But you must not eat from the tree that gives knowledge about good and evil. If you eat fruit from that tree, on that day you will certainly die!””

Genesis 9:3 (ERV)
“In the past, I gave you the green plants to eat. Now every animal will also be food for you. I give you everything on earth—it is yours.”

Fun source you can learn from science that make accurate on human’s early diet.

Update: I also want to add another verse to apply to 3rd panel, according to Romans 14:3 (ERV)…

“Those who know they can eat any kind of food must not feel that they are better than those who eat only vegetables. And those who eat only vegetables must not decide that those who eat all foods are wrong. God has accepted them.”

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