Sam the Deaf

Taking a picture with someone who had Usher’s

Artwork, Usher Syndrome

I would like to give an advice to everybody who knows Usher Syndrome. It encourage you how to take properly photo with your friend or family member without hurt Usher’s feel on bad photo. There is DON’T & DO comic below there that should help you to aware what to do with your camera or smartphone to take picture.

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** Note: DO NOT try move usher’s face, it won’t help get better photo. **


Panel 1
Caption: Don’t rush and take the picture just because it seems good enough [the guy in yellow, holds the smartphone and doing selfie picture with wife, in blue dress, who isn’t look at smartphone]

Panel 2
Do adjust your smartphone or camera to position onto their face and shoot [The guy in yellow, moves smartphone toward wife’s face and take selfie photo]

Panel 3
[Photo of wife look at off right as the guy grin toward the camera in photo – *thumb down*]
Wife: Ugh! Why do I look funny? *whisper* And you grin too much! [Look at the preview photo from smartphone]
The Guy: Sorry! But you look cute! [awkward smile]

Panel 4
[Photo of wife look at right position as the guy looks at the camera in photo – *thumb up*]
Wife: Oh my! Love it! And you look so handsome! [Look at the preview photo from smartphone – <3 ]
The guy: You look beautiful, too! [flattered]

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