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As you know there have auto-generated that does the speech-to-text on YouTube. Earlier, I thought it was great introduce to have closed caption however, it’s not best accurate. It’s too confuse and complete lost on what’s going on with video whatever they’re saying. It’s too much to figure out in our head. Here example as seen on One-Minute Time Machine (original):


I tried make search with same title with closed caption. Thank to YouTube’s feature that include filter search to focus on closed caption only. The result end up One-Minute Time Machine in Russian language which look like this:


No worry! There is a solution that you can make the language to your language. How? Just click the gear icon and then select “Auto-translate” and then select your native language.




Volia! Now, you can see huge different between speech-to-text and translate-to-your-language. It’s nearly accurate as possible. Yet, you can able to enjoy by watch the video without being lost on what’s going on.


The result show on translate-to-your-language goes probably up to 98% accurate. For smartphone, good thing, it will auto translate for you. Bad news, it’s either delay and it act like a live closed caption. Most of time, it doesn’t really make sense than seen on desktop (computer). Here what my iPhone show the closed caption:


Google, keep it up. Thank for keep improve and we’re looking forward to get better accurate as possible in future.

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