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iOS, what a big closed caption you have!

Computer, I'm Deaf


As we enjoy watch video YouTube with Closed Caption on anything from education to entertainment. As you know, iOS allow to customize the size, color and style to match your prefer. If you haven’t seen it. Here the instruction on how to use.



Anyway, I start to notice there is too small or too big font size. During the “Large Text” size, it’s comfortable to read from the browser on youtube or other with Closed Caption available. Unfortunately, on YouTube app, it’s so bigger. It is like blew me up as I couldn’t watch from my iPhone 6. It’s not really pleasant. As I aware there is no custom size from YouTube app’s setting. I had to go on the Accessibility from Settings’ to change into “Default” size. Interesting, the size appear to be different than the “Large Text” size as seen from the browser.

On YouTube app, the default’s size is so TINY. I couldn’t read at all during the display size.

That “Large Text” is what I like, so normal and not too bold. Even, I could see much more on scene.

On browser by go to, the “default” size appear to be bold and bit large than “Large Text”. Funny, isn’t it?

Yowza! It’s so bigger! Time to toss it away!

It seem that it’s annoying that I had to go back and forward and back and forward all over again. It’s seem like I would want to delete YouTube app from my iPhone in order to watch any video with “Default” size. There are few example when you go on Facebook app, Reddit app, or any browser as they share the link to YouTube, Vimeo or any other to watch.

Apple, are you read this? iOS definitely need to fix correct on size, please.

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