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Opinion: YouTube vs Facebook

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Facebook video is getting popular lately. It seem it help spread much easy to everybody.

To me, it seem that Facebook is try to beat YouTube. However, I felt that Facebook miss on several points that I should tell what I thought of.

  1. Video on Facebook have lack information. It usually come with short describe or none. YouTube has friendly input title, describe, tag and categories. Unless, your video has add hashtag on Facebook, then it’s all good.
  2. Video on Facebook is an instance to watch. That’s great! Unfortunately, it will miss big time on few days later after video being post. It led more difficult to search on Facebook while there is better control search on YouTube as seen on #1.
  3. Creator made the awesome video and post on Facebook. Facebook is make money, you don’t get their share from advertising. YouTube does, thank to Google.

What can you posting video that does fit for you? You can answer yourself:

  • Are you a creator and enjoy post the video to education, entertain, or anything toward people out there? Stick with YouTube, you’re make money.
  • Are you just make personal in small target? Facebook is good enough for you. Make sure you add hashtag, if it’s highlight.

Do me a favor, if you add Closed Caption on your video at Facebook, please add #closedcaption. It would help for us, Deaf community to search.

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