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Search for YouTube with Closed Caption

I'm Deaf

As you know YouTube on smartphone have closed caption available to watch. However, if you’d like search results to only show videos with captions available, enable their search filter:

First, you search whatever you like to. For example, I search “Time travel” because I like time machine story stuff to learn.

Second, the result show the listing of video and you don’t know which video that have closed caption. So, you narrowing down with only closed caption by tap the icon of filter to make search easily.


Third, go way down there, you see “Closed Captioned Only”. Tap to check then tap the blue check icon at top-right there.


Fourth, therefore, you have all video with closed caption only to enjoy to watch. Too bad, I was except to watch Doctor Who as the original search suppose be. But hey, there is Flash comic that explain the time travel. It should be interesting to learn!


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