Chanelle Dunn

Nose & Usher Syndrome

Usher Syndrome

This came to my mind while working. It is so hilarious that I have to share. Several years ago, my boss Sarah Reames, trying to understand my vision limitations, asked if I can read side by side. I didn’t understand.

Several years later, I joined an Usher Syndrome support group; I continually read about degree visions. This piqued my curiosity about mine, so I decided to ask my retina specialist. He said 1-degree vision. My eyes widened, and I said ONE? He confirmed, saying Yes.

I was so puzzled that I detailed what I can and cannot see and asked questions. He explained that it measures connectedness, making perfectly sense & explaining my own specific case. All Ushers I know have tunnel visions, while I don’t. I instead have blind spots scattered throughout my visual field, affecting connectedness.

With this new understanding of my own special Usher case, I decided to play around and test with my hubby Sam. One test was looking at his nose to see if I can see both nostrils simultaneously. Nope.

I just laugh imagining my boss reading this serious topic, then coming upon this awkward nose illustration

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