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EyeTV rocks! But….

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I brought Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Stick along and EyeTV 2.5. It come with USB stick, remote and antenna and might EyeTV software for Mac. I have to saying it work awesome as it turn as DVR on my laptop. I use my external hard driver that keep away from eat data on my laptop.

To tell you, I don’t subscribe cable but I use OTA (Over-the-air) to receive several channels from antenna what is available in my location what station would give. Basic, you know I able to watch in nice HD show: Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS and CW. It let me setup and record any of my favorite show while I’m not home. Closed caption does a great job, only very tiny scramble when weather or nothing gone wrong. Playback allows me to view with closed caption without loss. So, far I’m happy about it.

Only thing that each I record one of 1-hour show eat about 6 GB (gigabytes). I thought of export from several gig into less gig would work as if I can put on iPod in future. It’s unfortunately, I discovery no export that would allow to save along with closed caption track as it will lose. I have asked Elgato’s (they made EyeTV program) technical support to see if they have an answer about which format to export without loss.

🙁 UNFORTUNATELY, there isn’t as I understand as I mention you some time ago about both Quicktime and iTunes have offer Closed Caption feature that is early for the developer to meet. In future, they should have one once they understand something new. Or not…

Addition screenshot of EyeTV with CC

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  • I like to see image of CC on screen. can you post this image?

  • Forunately, that’s better than nothing but we have to use that for awhile until we get DVR and ground cable soon by the time when move to the different apartment. However, we can survive thru that.